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The Cosmos is a community of diversely trained, well traveled and highly creative teachers and practitioners; we come together with the deep desire to share beyond the postures. With the postures being a key aspect of each practice, this is not all that yoga has to offer.

At The Cosmos Yoga and Pilates Studio in Amsterdam, we wish to take you deeper – sharing a universe of knowledge passed on through the ages, delivering knowledge and experiences for greater self expansion.

Yoga with it’s ancient roots is packed full of wisdom and various practices that bring us closer to ourselves; whether it’s the energy cultivation of Kundalini or the wellbeing practices of Ayurveda, we can enhance our physical, mental and emotional health on the yoga mat.

Intrinsically aligned with meditation and mindfulness, yoga evolves self awareness and positivity, it allows you to feel more on so many levels. For many, it allows them to just be present in the moment – the place where the real magic happens.

Our classes are based on a deeper, more universal approach to the ancient practice, abundant with knowledge, and yet our delivery within each class is contemporary, approachable and enjoyable. Find out more about our classes below.

Join us for a yoga class at our Amsterdam Studios.


Your Deep Tissue ~ Your Deep Body, Mind & Soul Practice. Join us for Cosmic Yin Yoga ~ a 90 minute, candlelit Yin Yoga practice suitable for all experience levels & all bodies.

Arriving on the mat, we begin with a Guided Mediation and Set Our Intention for the Practice. Cosmic Yin Yoga is designed to transform body, mind and soul. The practice is deeply restorative and connective with each pose transitioning fluidly, leaving space to feel your stillness and your movement. Observe the deeper potential of this magical practice with inspiring teachers who guide, adjust and educate you throughout.
Cosmic Yin Yoga ends with a soothing Savasana set to candlelight, incense and aromatherapy.

Moon Yoga

Moon Yoga is a restorative, relaxing practice infused with Yoga Nidra & Mindfulness ~ and set to the Moon’s Cycle. This 60 – 90 minute class is suitable for all experience levels & all bodies.

We begin with a guided mediation & guide you through a sequence of yoga postures that are connected to the current moon phase and it’s relevance within the physical, mental, emotional body ~ and the universe as a whole.

Learn more about our greater connection to one another and to our planet as a whole, as we gather in a cosy room with lots of props. Get ready to enjoy a slow-moving practice that aims to restore body and mind, release stress and increase mindfulness.


Aromatherapy Yoga is a slow flowing, deeply restorative, aromatherapy-infused Yoga Practice.

The practice harnesses the power of essential oils to expand your sensory experience in each pose. Prepare to flow and to be in stillness, accompanied by the smell of essential oils; and did you know that your sense of smell is directly related to different parts of your brain that regulate your memory, emotions, & hormones? This can be a powerful pathway for transformation, connection and remaining present in your practice.

Combining elements of Hatha, Yin, Restorative & Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga, Aromatherapy Yoga will release tension, restore & relax both body and mind.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about Savasana (relaxation) where the aromatherapy truly begins to work it’s magic!

This class is suitable and recommended for all bodies, however, some oils are not compatible for pregnancy so please do alert your teacher in advance. Sadly, this class is not suitable for 3rd Trimester mamas.

Partner Yoga

Let us guide you through a playful, deeply connective + explorative practice.

Partner Yoga delves into themes such as releasing fear through trust, as well as the path of non-verbal communication and connection. It is both internally and externally focused as we journey through partner practices that create insightful revelations and offer opportunities to work through our default settings, our disconnections.

Yet throughout these classes, laughs are also guaranteed – this is a playful, relaxed setting with no expectations and no risky business. What we can guarantee is that you will surely leave knowing more about yourself and your yoga partner {whoever they may be}.

Looking for fun? For connection with yourself? For a closer union with another? To try something new? To meet new people?

Everyone is welcome. All experience levels.

Your yoga partner can be a friend, lover, relative or stranger. 

Riding solo? No problemo – there will be an even number of students in class.


Get moving with the challenging Vinyasa Flow practice at The Cosmos with this 60 minute practice suitable for healthy, active bodies with at least some experience of Yoga.

Arriving on the mat, we begin with a Guided Mediation and begin to create heat through Pranayama and Creative Flows. Prepare to move your whole body, exploring both strength and flexibility in this strong, challenging practice.

Finally, enjoy your well-deserved Savasana – some sweet relaxation to replenish body and mind.

Hip Hop yoga

 Hip Hop Yoga is a playful and creative Vinyasa Flow practice that integrates strong holds, deep openers, interesting poses and is, of course, set to our favourite Hip Hop Beats. A great class for all levels of yoga experience looking for an invigorating, warming practice with a contemporary twist. 

Ayurvedic Yoga

The word Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit language. ‘Ayur’, originally ‘ayuh’, means life and ‘veda’ is the wisdom or insightful knowledge – thus ‘the knowledge or science of life’.

It offers knowledge to increase awareness of your individual mind-body constitution and the factors that may cause imbalance and shows you ways to create balance by regulating the systems of the body through diet, lifestyle, herbs, yoga, and meditation. The practice of Ayurveda is designed to promote human happiness, health, and creative growth.

During the Ayurveda Yoga classes we will focus on the qualities which are affecting our daily lives looking at the season. This will be integrated into an asana practice helping you to stay balanced, put and grounded within yourself.



Cosmic Core Yoga brings you a fluid, transitional practice with specific core movements, core transitions and deep core alignment line.
With a fun, creative vinyasa sequences, we generate more attention to the body’s power centre to generate better alignment, strength and stability.
Improve your tone and flexibility in a unique and powerful practice that will make you feel more aligned physically and mentally and cultivates a leaner and slender body.


Stretch & Salute the Sun every Morning at The Cosmos with this 60 minute practice suitable for all experience levels & all bodies.

Arriving on the mat, we begin with a Guided Mediation and an Opening Inspiration for the day ahead. Our Wake Up Stretches begin low to the mat and gradually ease you into rounds of traditional style Surya Namaskar A & B {Sun Salutations}. Enjoy the rhythm of cyclic flows in a traditional style as we salute the sun.

Enjoy this blissful, energising, connective flow before finishing with some deep, static Stretches and a mini closing Meditation.

Start every day at The Cosmos with Sunrise Yoga. 


This 60 minute, Chakra Yoga practice for every body and is a great way to learn about the Yogic Chakras through a flowing, physical practice  – integrated with Pranayama {breath}, Mudra {hand gestures} and Knowledge-Sharing to enhance your understanding of the Yogic Chakras and how you can work with them for greater self-awareness and wellbeing.

Prepare to explore various styles of yoga asana ~ all dedicated to the class’ chosen Chakra ~ as we go on a journey of deeper understanding into this lesser-known aspect of Yoga.

Cosmic yang yin

Half Vinyasa Flow, Half Yin ~ the perfect practice to strengthen and surrender (and it’s suitable for all experience levels & all bodies).

Arriving on the mat, we begin with a Guided Mediation and quickly begin to cultivate a strong, warming Vinyasa Flow. This powerful, easy-to-follow Flow will strengthen and tone the body, teach breath-body connection and stimulate the deeper organs. Half way through the practice, we transition into Yin Yoga where we restore and replenish the physical body and make space to work on the deeper koshas {layers}.

Yang Yin Yoga is loved by many for it’s all-round attention to the physical, mental and emotional qualities of Yoga. 

Deep house yoga 

Bringing the club to the mat, this class will have you feeling that Deep House beat as you move through a series of flows designed to boost energy, build strength and turn up the internal heat. Prepare to sweat, prepare to flow and prepare to bring your friends. This is clubbing for health seekers.