We Got You Covered, Mamas

We like to think of our Cosmic Mama’s classes as more of a ‘club’ for mums, moms and mummies to come together and vibe as one. Our classes offer a specialised and supportive approach to getting great results no matter what phase of the motherhood journey you are experiencing; we also understand that this may be a place for you to connect with each other as well as yourself.  So welcome to Club Mama at The Cosmos.

For you, our Prenatal and Postnatal mamas, we have several specially designed classes to suit your journey through fertility, pregnancy, birth and postnatal.  We recommend moving into these classes within your first trimester to ensure that your body (and baby) are receiving a safe, balanced and tailored movement and breath practice. 

From Prenatal Postnatal Pilates to Baby + Me Pilates; from Prenatal Postnatal Yoga to Baby and Me Yoga – we support your practice and your journey through motherhood.

Currently pregnant? Keep checking our website for our much sought after Partner Birth Workshops, Womb Circles, Baby Massage Pop Ups, Birthing Courses and special Pop Up Sales with leading local brands. We are regularly adding classes and events to enhance and support all the mamas out there.

Reservations are recommended for Prenatal, Postnatal + Baby classes. Mamas wishing to walk-in to the studio are welcome but must have already purchased one of the below class packages.

As our mamas classes are not run as courses, there are no fixed starting dates – you can simply begin the classes whenever you wish. If you think you will not complete your classes in 3 months, we recommend choosing the Mamas 10 Class Card that lasts for 12 Months.

For information on our current offerings, as well as reservations and general FAQs, please see below.



Our Prenatal Postnatal Pilates and Prenatal Postnatal Yoga {All Women Welcome} classes combine breath work, alignment focused work, energising dance-like flows, deeply safe stretching and strengthening postures to keep your body in good shape and your energy levels high.

If you’re missing your regular Power Pilates, Vinyasa Flow or Power Yoga practices, then this class for you. You will leave feeling that you truly used your body yet in a safe, effective manner. 

As with all of our classes, we include deep breathing exercises and a delicious relaxation (yoga only) as well as useful tips and information, to leave you feeling stronger today and better prepared for tomorrow.

Pregnant + Postnatal women are both welcome. Women not in the Prenatal + Postnatal phases are also welcome to join if they wish to experience this practice.

Definitely recommended for both prenatal + postnatal women. This class is specifically designed for you, mamas! 


The Cosmos will soon be offering courses for birth mamas and their birthing partners to connect and cocoon in the journey of birth and all that comes with it. Are you interested in a more practical, sensory and enjoyable approach to birth preparation? Would you like to learn the fundamentals of birth support coaching with your birth partner?

We are busy preparing several workshops and courses. More coming shortly.

Women who are entering the Third Trimester and wish to prepare for birth with and/or without a birthing partner.

 Baby + me

Baby + Me Pilates and Baby + Me Yoga classes are a great opportunity to enjoy a full postnatal yoga workout/practice whilst enjoying the company of your little one [or solo if you prefer to join without your baby]. These classes are designed to strengthening, body-warming, stretching and heart-pumping  – however our postnatal teacher will offer diverse options for students so that your practice is suitable for your level. 
Whether you are new to Pilates and Yoga, recently delivered your baby or are an avid sports practitioner, this focused and specialised class will be suitable for all levels, body types and experiences. We offer lots of options in these classes to help you adapt, evolve and also pull away from anything that doesn’t feel intuitively or physically right for you in that moment. Our classes do, however, offer strong options too as our goal is to help restore strength, tone and suppleness for you globally.
Baby + Me classes are a great option if you would like to move effectively, stretch safely, strengthen your full body – and tone your core + pelvic floor with professional guidance and in a supportive space. Your little one will be engaged and interacted with; he/she will enjoy playing with toys, napping and observing you in your practice. Babies and slow crawlers are welcome to join mamas in their practice. If you wish to attend without your little one, that’s absolutely fine. 
Important: please bring a large towel/blanket & your little ones favourite toys.


> Restores and strengthens mama’s body

> Fun and engaging for both mama and baby 

> Rehabilitates the pelvis, sacrum, abdominals and pelvic floor muscles 

> Encourages deeper physical awareness

> Develops good posture, assisting in the prevention of back pain whilst feeding, carrying and lifting your baby 

> Tones the body, stabilising core muscles and maintaining joint mobility  

> Weight management and Circulatory boosting

> Nurtures the bond between mama and baby

Mum and baby classes are informal, friendly classes offering a supportive space in which to bond and interact with your baby and to connect with other mums.

Postnatal Mamas who want to bring their babies to class (please note that we don’t lift or move with baby during the practice; the movement is for mama but baby usually has a great time observing you move) or Postnatal Mamas who are looking for a safe, effective postnatal practice without their baby.

Recommended for postnatal women. Prenatal mamas can also join with care [some postures will need to be adjusted] in the earlier trimesters. Please avoid this class after 25 weeks of pregnancy.

FAQs + Information

How many times per week should I come to class?

There is no recommendation for the amount of times per week you should/could practice. Every woman is different and so we encourage you to check in with yourself on a daily basis to see what you instinctively need and want.

When can I start practicing during Pregnancy?

Prenatal students are traditionally recommended to begin exercise after 12 weeks of pregnancy. We do recommend taking it easy in the first stage as baby is still embedding and your energy levels may be low and new hormones may be high.

However, we do take the approach that every woman is different. If you were exercising and/or practicing yoga often before getting pregnant then you may find it better to continue some form of movement; our classes would then be a safer option than returning to other movement classes (such as HIIT, Core or Circuits classes).  We therefore encourage you to make your own decision based on your energy levels, previous exercise habits and the present health of yourself and your baby.

When can I start practicing after giving birth?

Postnatal students are traditionally recommended to begin exercise after 6 weeks post birth – however, every woman is different so we encourage you to make your own decision as to when to start practicing after delivery, particularly if you have had a Caesarean Birth or any complications. 

Do I need to check with my doctor first?

We do recommend that if you experienced any complications before, during or after birth (or had a Caesarean Birth) that you consult with your doctor before beginning to exercise. As with all health-related situations, if you have any doubts or questions – please do see your doctor as we cannot medically advise you.

What do I need to tell the teacher before class?

Please do notify the teacher of any illness, injuries or ailments {aches, pains, nausea, dizziness, etc.} prior to class. This allows us to better support you throughout the class.

Should I eat before class?

Try to eat something small an 1.5 – 2 hours before class to stabilise your energy + blood sugar levels. If you suffer with low blood sugar or blood pressure, please do notify your teacher at the beginning of class.

What should I bring to class?

We recommend bringing a water bottle and something warm to wear for the relaxation, such as cosy socks and a jumper. No shoes are required – we do ask you to stay barefooted for the actual practice. Please wear comfy, stretchy clothing that you would normally move easily and freely in. If you are bringing your baby, please do bring a large towel or blanket and any other changing/feeding/playing necessities. 

What time should I arrive?

Arrive in good time to relax for a few moments before beginning the class. We usually encourage 10-15 minutes prior to the class start time so that you can meet other mamas and enjoy a tea.

Can I access the studio with a stroller?

Our studio is located on the ground floor and we can easily accommodate your strollers inside our entrance.  

What if my baby starts crying during class? Or if he/she needs to be changed or fed?

In this warm + friendly environment, you will meet other mums on their postnatal journeys + hopefully forge new bonds. Being surrounded by other new mums, you needn’t worry if you need to stop to feed, change or comfort your baby during the class.